Ask COMO Construction and Landscaping for expert advice about your landscaping and retaining wall projects. From wood to concrete, we construct all types of retaining walls. Retaining walls need not be bland and unimaginative blocks of concrete. We design decorative retaining walls that hinder erosion as well as beautify your property. Call today for a no-hassle estimate and ask about our warranty. Building a solid retaining wall that will stop erosion is important to you and us. We guarantee our work and make every effort to please our customers. Our mission is to pay attention to detail spending the time needed to build according to the customer’s desire and needs. Our goal is to provide the best level of quality work and we guarantee your satisfaction. We strive to build quality products that will last for years to come. 

The reason to construct a retaining wall is to prevent erosion and debris from damaging your home and surrounding landscaping. Retaining walls prevent constant erosion damage. Yards and landscaping contain deep ruts and unsafe terrain caused by heavy flooding, water runoff, and wind damage. If you are unsure of the type of retaining wall that you need, call us at COMO Construction and Landscaping, we can help to determine the type of retaining wall that best suits your situation. We will work to determine the proper type of retaining wall that is needed to prevent erosion damage to your residential or business property. A retaining wall can improve the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your home and surrounding property. Properly constructed a retaining wall holds back erosion caused by terrain that slopes toward your home. Heavy rainstorms cause water runoff adding to the problem of weakening soil that leads to erosion. A retaining wall acts as a protective barrier. Retaining walls can be built as functional multilevel tiers that protect and provide lasting beauty. Your yard will have value-added curb appeal. Your investment in a retaining wall to protect your valuable property will more than offset the cost of construction.

Retaining walls take more expertise to construct than do-it-yourself knowledge can provide. Homeowners who try to construct a retaining wall as a DIY project quickly encounter problems beyond their level of construction experience. If a retaining wall is poorly constructed, especially in cold climate zones, loose gravel or stones are not enough to hold back water and soil runoff. During the winter season, dirt expands pushing on an improperly constructed wall. Eventually, the retaining wall will fail. It is better to leave the job to a professional who can explain the numerous reasons and necessary steps to take when constructing a retaining wall that will last and stand the test of time. Protect your investment and call COMO Construction and Landscaping to properly install your new retaining wall. Call us to schedule an appointment convenient to your schedule. We will be happy to visit your home, review the property, and provide a pleasing design that includes a no-hassle estimate.


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